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Explore the resources for Digital River's headless API suite for order management, payment and risk, and global fulfillment.

The Digital River API is a RESTful API. That means Digital River designed this API to allow you to retrieve, create, update, and delete objects with the HTTP verbs GET, POST, and DELETE.

You can use the Digital River API in test mode when you do not want to interact with financial institutions. The API key you use to authenticate a request determines whether the request is in live mode or test mode.

The Digital River API speaks exclusively in JSON. You should always set the content-type header to application/json to ensure the API accepts and processes your requests.

All Digital River API requests are sent to https://api.digitalriver.com.

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Digital River API

Explore Digital River's API suite for payments and risk.


Use the DigitalRiver.js library to enable payment methods and checkout flows.