The Event object

The Event object contains the event information.



id string

Unique identifier for the object.

createdTime datetime

The time when the event was created.

digitalRiverVersion string

The Digital River API version used to render data.

data data object

An object containing data associated with the event. See Data object for more information.

liveMode boolean

Has the value is true if the object exists in live mode or the value false if the object exists in test mode.

pendingWebhooks string

The number of pending webhooks.

request hash

Information on the API request, if any, that triggered the event.

type string

The event name.

Event object

The Event object
The Event object
"id": "evt_d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
"createdTime": "2018-08-29T09:12:33Z",
"digitalRiverVersion": "2018-04-19",
"data": {
"object": {},
"previousAttributes": {}
"liveMode": true,
"pendingWebhooks": 0,
"request": {
"id": "_43ef187f-634e-4b9f-8dc4-082c352525ee"
"type": "charge.succeeded

Data object



object hash

Object containing the resource for the event.

previousAttributes hash

Object containing the names of the attributes that have changed and their previous values.