The FileLink object

The FileLink object contains link information for a file.



id string

Unique identifier of the file link.

createdTime datetime

The time when the file link was created.

expired boolean

Whether this link has already expired.

expiresTime string

The time when the link expires.

fileId string

The file object this link points to.

liveMode boolean

Has the value true if the object exists in live mode or the value false if the object exists in test mode.

url string

The publicly accessible URL to download the file.

The FileLink object
"id": "link_d992b05c-31d3-485e-b1f7-7b95f06cbfe8",
"createdTime": "2018-04-25T20:36:00Z",
"expired": false,
"expiresTime": "2020-04-25T20:36:00Z",
"fileId": "file_09e2464f-9b4f-482b-ae89-732183c705be",
"liveMode": false,
"url": ""