The Refund object

The Refund object contains the refund information for an order.



id string

Unique identifier of the refund.

createdTime datetime

The time when the refund was created.

orderId string

Unique identifier of an order.

currency string

Three-letter ISO currency code.

type string

The type of refund (for example, shipping).

amount number

Represents the requested refund amount.

refundedAmount number

Represents the total amount refunded.

items [object]

Contains information on the items.

items[].type string

The type of the item.

items[].skuId string

The identifier of the specific product variation, taking into account any combination of attributes, currency, and cost. For example, a product may be a t-shirt whereas, a specific product variation represents the size large and color red version of that shirt.

items[].quantity integer

The number of items.

items[].amount number

Represents amount for the items.

reason string

A string indicating the reason for the refund.

failureReason string

Enumeration indicating the reason for the refund failure, if known.

state string

Enumeration indicating the state of the refund.

liveMode boolean

Has the value is true if the object exists in live mode or the value false if the object exists in test mode.

The Refund object
"id": "ref_5823594809",
"createdTime": "2018-04-25T20:36:00Z",
"orderId": "ord_6645940010",
"currency": "USD",
"type": "shipping",
"amount": 9.99,
"refundedAmount": 9.99,
"items": [
"type": "shipping",
"skuId": "sku_9234276173",
"quantity": 1,
"amount": 5.95
"reason": "requested_by_customer",
"failureReason": "expired_or_canceled_card",
"state": "created",
"liveMode": false