The Return object

The Return object contains the return information for an order.



id string

Unique identifier of the return.

createdTime datetime

The time when the return was created.

orderId string

Unique identifier for the order.

currency string

Three-letter ISO currency code.

items object

Contains the information on the items.

items[].skuId string

The identifier of the specific product variation, taking into account any combination of attributes, currency, and cost. For example, a product may be a t-shirt, whereas a specific product variation represents the size large and color red version of that shirt.

items[].amount number

Represents amount for the items.

items[].quantity integer

The number of items.

items[].state string

The current state of the item.

reason string


A string indicating the reason for the return.

state string

Enumeration indicating the state of the return.

location object

Contains the location information.

location.address object

The location address.

location.address.line1 string

The first line of the location address.

location.address.line2 string

The second line of the location address.

location.address.postalCode string

ZIP or postal code.

location.address.state string

State/County/Province/Region. string

Two-letter country code. string

The location's name. string

The location's phone number. string

The location's email.

liveMode boolean

Has the value true if the object exists in live mode or the value false if the object exists in test mode.

refundIds string

The unique identifiers of the refunds.

The Return object
"id": "ret_5823594809",
"createdTime": "2018-04-25T20:36:00Z",
"orderId": "ord_6645940010",
"currency": "USD",
"items": [
"skuId": "sku_9234276173",
"amount": 899,
"quantity": 1,
"state": "created"
"reason": "requested_by_customer",
"state": "created",
"location": {
"address": {
"line1": "10380 Bren Rd W",
"line2": "string",
"city": "Minnetonka",
"postalCode": "55129",
"state": "MN",
"country": "US"
"name": "John Smith",
"phone": "952-111-1111",
"email": ""
"livemode": false,
"refundIds": [