The Webhook object

The Webhook object contains information about the webhook.




Unique identifier of the webhook.

created time string

Time at which the webhook was created.

updatedTime string

Time at which the webhook was updated.

type string

The name of the event type.

apiVersion string

Indicates whether to use the current default version of the API or the latest version of the API. The available values are: latest or default.

enabled boolean

Indicate that webhook is enabled and receives notifications or is not enabled and does not receive notifications.

address string

URL of the webhook endpoint on the server you set up to receive webhook notifications. Webhook data is sent as JSON in the POST request body. The full event details are included and can be used directly, after parsing the JSON into an Event object.

"id": "we_d290f1ee-6c54-4b01-90e6-d701748f0851",
"createdTime": "2018-08-29T09:12:33.001Z",
"updatedTime": "2018-08-29T09:12:33.001Z",
"type": [
"apiVersion": "default",
"enabled": true,
"address": ""