Understand how versioning works and how it applies to upgrades.

In the future, we will make backward-incompatible changes to the API. All backward-incompatible versions are dated. The current version is 2019-03-14.

All requests will use the version pinned to your account API settings. It only changes when you upgrade to the latest API version. A list of every available version appears in the changelog.

Note: Your account's API version determines the structure of events generated by API requests.

Select a version of the library to change the API version used and create a webhook endpoint with the same API version as DigitalRiver.API_VERSION property in the library. A library changelog will help you find the API version you require.

You can upgrade your API version from your Dashboard.

Best Practices: Test the new API version before upgrading to the new version.


Digital River sets your version the first time you make an API request. Your API version controls how the API and webhook behaves. That includes the parameters available when you make a call and attributes that appear in responses.

Periodically, we will create backward-incompatible versions of the API. When this happens, you will not be affected until you choose to upgrade.