Documentation Changelog

Stay tuned for exciting new features and improvements!


We moved the object information for a given resource to the resource topic in the API Reference.

Added resource association images to the following following topics:

Added an example on how to use the purpose attribute in Files.

Added information on tax identifiers.


We are excited to announce that Konbini is now available for all users on DigitalRiver.js, our new payment library. Konbini is a unique payment method that allows shoppers to pay for their purchases at local convenience stores (called “konbini” for short in Japanese) like 7-Eleven or Lawson. Once the purchase has been completed at a convenience store the shopper receives their product, either digitally or delayed via Digital River fulfillment.

Added a list of tax codes to Define SKUs for Digital River API.


Added information on how a given resource is associated with other resources to the following topics:


Updated the example for Localizing DigitalRiver.js and moved the Reference section to appear before Payment methods in the menu under DigitalRiver.js.


Added a security information for DigitalRiver.js.


Moved the API Reference from the Digital River API to its own space.


We launched a new version of the Developer Portal for the Digital River API!