Digital River API Changelog

Changes and updates to the Digital River API.


  • You can now create Checkout and Invoice items with a new freeTrial parameter.


  • You can now receive a sales_transaction.created webhook as soon as we create a (costed) sales transaction for you.

  • You can now receive an order.chargeback webhook when a chargeback occurs for an order.

  • We have now extended the Orders endpoint so you can determine if an order item was for a subscription renewal.

  • We made it easier to see if an Order has been fulfilled and its charge has been captured by adding a complete state to the state enumeration.

  • You now have the option for Digital River to calculate the landed costs of your cross-border orders for you in the dutiesTotal attribute.

  • You can now receive an order.accepted webhook when an order has successfully passed Digital River's fraud checks and has a capturable charge.

  • You can now create Checkouts with tax-inclusive shipping choice amounts.


  • We will now create event webhooks for all events supported in production in test mode.

  • You can now view detailed information about your costed sales and Digital River's payouts to you with the new payouts, payout-transactions, sales-summaries, and sales-transactions API resources.


  • Renamed order.charge.created to order.charge.pending and order.charge.capture.completed to order.charge.capture.complete.

  • You can now receive order.charge.capture.pending, order.charge.refund.pending, order.charge.refund.complete and refund.complete event webhooks. We no longer support order.charge.capture.created, order.charge.refund.created, order.charge.refund.completed and refund.completed.

  • We will now create refunds in a 'pending' state and publish a refund.pending event. We removed the refund.created event.


  • Orders now have a cancelledAmount attribute, which represents the total charge amount cancelled.

  • You can now receive an order.charge.refund.failed webhook when a charge refund attempt fails for your customer's order.


  • You can now create an Order without first creating a Checkout by passing a Checkout request rather than a reference to an existing Checkout at order creation.

  • You can now create Checkouts with an aggregatePrice parameter that represents the aggregate price for a quantity of SKUs rather than their unit price.

  • Orders now have a capturedAmount attribute, which represents the total charge amount captured.

  • You can now provide an applicationId parameter when you create a checkout. You can use this attribute to segment your orders by application source.

  • You can now specify the ship from country or address in the Checkout with the new shipFrom parameter.

  • We have now added a sellingEntity attribute to checkouts and orders that you can use to display Digital River's Terms & Conditions and policies to your customers.

  • Digital River now validates the following addresses:

    • Checkout and Customer shipTo and shipping addresses

    • Source owner addresses

    This ensures all address parameters required to successfully ship your physical goods anywhere in the world, to successfully create a payment charge, to comply with local invoicing regulations, and to calculate local taxes accurately are provided.

  • Improved availability returns.

  • We will now return standardized card decline codes when you create an order, and the charge is declined by the card networks.

  • We have now added price and aggregatePrice attributes to checkouts and orders.


  • Improved availability refunds.

  • You can now receive a credit_memo.created webhook when a credit memo is created for a customer.

  • You can now receive an order.charge.created webhook when a charge is created for your customer's order.

  • You can now receive an order.charge.capturable webhook when a charge becomes capturable for your customer's order.

  • You can now receive an order.charge.refund.created webhook when a charge refund is created for your customer's order.

  • You can now receive an order.charge.refund.completed webhook when a charge refund completes for your customer's order.