Classic APIs

Digital River supports the following classic APIs:

  • Data Validation–A service that allows you to attach and validate data points to a page of a Digital River store.
  • Digital/Other Fulfillment–The Digital/Other Fulfillment is sometimes called the Electronic Fulfillment Integration. It handles the fulfillment of electronic goods, various unique fulfillment operations, and digital rights. Digital/Other Fulfillment is extremely flexible
  • Integrated Retailer–A group of APIs that:
    • Provides a complete record of the products available to a retailer.
    • Allows you to submit an order to Digital River for fulfillment.
    • Allows you to reverse an order for a customer.
    • Provides the financial related information used to reconcile orders and returns for billing and/or credit.
  • Physical Fulfillment–Fulfillment distributes products to shoppers. Use the Physical Fulfillment event notifications when you deliver a physical product to shoppers via postal mail or a shipping company.
  • Products–The Products webhooks are batch processes that you can use to manage products data, products categories, and product association.
  • Third-Party Product Feed–A collection of product feeds that you can use to send product data to a third party.
  • Sales Data–Sales and Orders notification events provide Sales and Orders details and activities of sites/stores in your company. With Sales Notifications, you are notified of events such as:
    • An order placed
    • Return authorized
    • Credit rejected
    • Fulfillment completed
  • Shopping Cart–The HGOP2 service allows clients to host their own cart and then post information in their cart to Digital River at checkout time.
  • User Account–A group of services that manage user accounts.