Fields Used as Keys

You can use keys for reporting purposes with Order Notification, Sales Order Activity, and Subscription Services. You can use the following fields as keys:

  • Email address
  • Consumer name
  • Digital rights
  • CustomerID field

Email Example

To use email as a key, check the email element under the billingAddress element first.

  <emailAddress />

If no billingAddress elements exist (100% off coupons, "live" test orders), locate the email element associated with the shippingAddress

  <emailAddress />

Consumer Name Example

To use the consumer name as a key, check the name element under the payment element first.

  <customerFirstName />
  <customerLastName />

If no payment element exist (100% off coupons, "live" test orders), locate the consumer name element associated with the shippingAddress.

  <emailAddress />

You can use any line item since the consumer name is copied to all line items.

Digital Rights Example

To use digital rights as a key, check the serialNumber and unlockCode elements under the lineItems element.

         <serialNumber />
         <unlockCode />

customerID Field 

Use the customerID field as a key when you want to attribute orders to users who have access to MyAccount where they can change their login IDs and email addresses.