Catalog Feed Details

Product Catalog

The following steps outline how to implement the business process for the product catalog:

  1. The client completes the product profile form (which is included in the Business Users Guide).
  2. Digital River sets up the business process according to this form.
  3. The client implements and tests the business process on their side to ensure the business process works. 

This business process is available in batch mode only because of the substantial amount of data that is being shared.

Business Process Specifics

Business Process Type
Batch Only
Communication Protocols
FTP Only
Data Formats Available


The business process architecture diagram for the product catalog business process (see below) shows a combination of several views. It combines a data flow view, an implementation view, and a process flow view into a common, condensed view. This view provides the developers with fewer architectural views that make it simpler to understand and implement the Integrated Channel Partner Program (ICPP).

File Naming/Handling

The client creates one file each time they run the product catalog extract. Files are located in the client’s home directory under the /PRODUCTCATALOG directory on the Digital River FTP server or alternatively on the client’s FTP servers. Digital River archives files for 30 days. We recommend that the client also maintains an archive.

Importing the Catalog Feed

The export file contains all the products that are currently available for purchase by a customer. When the client imports the file, the client should scan for products that are in their database but are no longer in their feed. These products are retired and should not be available for sale on the client's site. After the client flags the retired products in their database, they can reimport the entire catalog feed so all updates and changed data elements are available in addition to new products.

Job Scheduling

Digital River exports the full catalog once per day. We recommend that client imports this full catalog every day to keep in sync with changes, receive new products, and retire products that are no longer available.


The Digital River business partner participating in the Integrated Channel Partner Program (ICPP).
Digital River Product ID
The unique identifier for each product available in the product catalog.
Integrated Channel Partner Program (ICPP)
The specific product offering provided by Digital River that enables clients the ability to offer the Digital River product catalog to their customers.
Application Programming Interface (API)
A set of routines that an application uses to request and carry out lower-level services.
Universal Resource Locator (URL)
An Internet standard that allows for the precise discovery of websites and other web resources.
Business Process
A term used to describe a data trading agreement between two companies. The business process is all encompassing and includes both the business rules and the technical rules of the data exchange.
eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
The data feed Digital River sends to the Client and the order fulfillment requests the Client sends to Digital River are in XML format.