Invoice Report Details

Invoice Feed

The Invoice response document represents the financial-related information used for the reconciliation of orders and returns for billing and/or credit. Digital River can support other formats such as proprietary CSV, but we highly encourage the use of our XML format. This report is provided weekly to the client and is available via FTP. A separate monthly billing statement will be sent to the client, upon Digital River expecting payment. The client’s bill will be generated monthly in Excel and sent along with the combined CSV files for the month to the client.

Business Process Specifics

Business Process Type
Batch only
Communication Protocols
FTP only
Data Formats Available

File Naming/Handling

Digital River creates one file for the client each the time invoice report extract runs. Files are placed in the client’s home directory under the /REPORTING/INVOICEREPORT/ directory on the Digital River FTP server or alternatively on the client’s FTP servers. Digital River archives files for 30 days. We recommend that the client also maintains an archive.

Importing the Invoice Feed

The export file contains all orders that have been placed on client’s site.

Job Scheduling

Digital River runs the invoice report once per week on Monday mornings at 7 am. We recommend that the client import this invoice feed for their accounting records.

Monthly Billing Statement