Channel Advisor Catalog Feed Details

The Channel Advisor Catalog Feed sends the products to the Channel Advisor. The Channel Advisor manages the comparison shopping engine. Only sites that are enabled for Channel Advisor can send products in the product catalog to the Channel Advisor. The Channel Advisor then sends this data to the Comparison shopping engine. There is one Channel Advisor Catalog Feed per site. Channel Advisor sends this data to Comparison shopping engine. When configuring the Channel Advisor Catalog Feed, note:

  • You must enable each product at the locale for the Channel Advisor family. The integration only sends products enabled for that family to Channel Advisor.
  • The ChannelAdvisorCatalogFeed process exports all products that belong to the default catalog (and with the default locale and currency settings) of the site when the process configuration attribute includeNonChannelProduct is set to true.
  • When the product is a base product with variations, the base product is sent with a custom field set to Parent. All variations are sent with a custom field set to Child.
  • The system provides the regular price and current price in the currency that is configured as the default for that locale within globalCommerce.
  • When disabling the attribute, those products you want to export must have product attribute isChannelAdvisorProduct set to true.