Product Review Feed Details

The Product Review Feed process runs as a child process of Bulk Export. The process:

  • Has one configuration per site
  • Can create one file containing data for all locales or separate files restricted to each locale
  • Can send each file (per site, per locale) to a different FTP location

The Product Review Feed includes:

  • Purchasable products
  • Viewable products
  • Products that are in stock
  • Products that have price
  • Products that are not retired
  • All Locales

You can filter products in the Product Review Feed based on the following criteria:

  • Products specific to the reviewer
  • Exclude products if they are not viewable
  • Exclude products if they are not purchasable
  • Exclude Retired, 0 / null Price, or Out of Stock Products
  • Restrict to a specific locale