Fulfillment Complete Notification Details

The Fulfillment Complete Notification (FCN) integration process allows Digital River to automatically notify one or more external entities when the fulfillment of a configured product (physical or download) has completed by providing specific details that can only be obtained during the fulfillment process (such as a product's issued serial number).


Fulfillment Completion Notification
FCN Fulfillment and FCN Fulfilled
The point in a product's fulfillment configuration when all fulfillment requirements, excluding the FCN process, completed successfully. It is at this point the FCN integration process may be triggered. The line item cannot be sent to Digital River's costing engine until the FCN integration process completes successfully.
Fulfillment Complete
The point in a product's fulfillment configuration when all fulfillment requirements including the FCN process completed successfully. It is at this point the line item can be passed on to Digital River's costing engine.

FCN Trigger Points

  1. FCN trigger points are implemented prior to the costing event but following all existing fulfillment events for both downloadable and physical products.
  2. When FCN Fulfillment occurs, it triggers the FCN integration process.

FCN Integration Process

The FCN integration process follows these steps:

  1. Order line item of FCN configured company achieves FCN Fulfillment.
  2. FCN Fulfillment triggers the FCN integration process.
  3. The FCN integration process generates the FCN XML.
  4. The FNC integration process sends the FCN XML document to its defined destination point.
  5. The client successfully imports the FCN XML document.
  6. If FCN is configured as interactive, the client sends a response.


  • Only products for whom the Fulfillment Complete Notification is configured as interactive can generate a Fulfillment Complete Notification response.
  • A non-zero response code in a Fulfillment Complete Notification Response indicates that Fulfillment has failed. Whereas a zero response code indicates that the Fulfillment was successful and no further action is required.