Order Complete Notification

Order Complete Notification allows Digital River to automatically notify one or more external entities when an order completes. Digital River sends the Order Complete Notification for a complete Order (that is, when all the line items in an order have been fulfilled or are in combination of fulfilled and canceled), with the following exception: Digital River does not trigger Order Complete Notification when the order is not in a complete state,

Order completion triggers the Order Complete Notification. On Order Complete Notification, information such as Subscription, Fulfillment and Electronic Fulfillment information (OFI) will also be available and will be included in this feed. 

Order Complete Notification Scenarios

  • Delayed Payments–The Order Complete Notification triggers once the payment is settled, and order is completed
  • Real-time Payments for a physical order–The Order Complete Notification triggers once physical fulfillment is complete and the order is marked as complete.
  • Order with Pre-Order product–The Order will not be marked complete until the pre-order line item has been fulfilled. Thus, the Order Complete Notification will be sent for that Order only after the Pre-Order product is released and fulfilled.
  • Order–The Order Complete Notification triggers only once(that is when the Order is marked as completed). After the order completes, any subsequent action taken on that order (Return/Refund) will not trigger the Order Complete Notification again for the order.
  • Digital Orders with Backup CD or EDS–Digital River sends the Order Complete Notification once the Backup CD or EDS fulfillment is completed along with the digital line item fulfillment for an order.

Response Codes

The following table shows the possible responses to an Order Complete Notification request sent via an HTTP transport:

Response Code Action
200 All is fine. No further action required.
300-399 Digital River will attempt a redirect.
Any Other Digital River considers this an error and will retry one hour later. The number of retries is configurable. The default is 48.