Order Credit Notification

You can initiate the Order Credit Notification real-time job when one of the following actions takes place on an order:

  • Orders frauded out after initial screening
  • Full or Partial Refunds
  • Chargebacks

Use Order Credit Notifications to track orders where a shopper chose a type of credit to pay for an order.

Order Credit Notification

Order Credit Notification Request

The Order Credit Notification Request defines an Order Credit request that contains the requisition and pricing details for a shopper that requires a credit for an order. Order Credit Notifications are typically sent as HTTP posts. You can use it to track instances where shoppers use credit for an order. This integration typically goes out within one minute of clicking the Submit button unless the HTTP endpoint does not respond. 


The Order Credit Notification is not initiated when an order returns. If you need a notification when an order returns, use the Return Acknowledgement service

If your endpoint does not respond to the Order Credit Notification request, Digital River will resend the request once an hour for a maximum of 48 hours. You can configure the number of retries. The default is 48.

Order Credit Notification Response 

Products owning Company, for which the interactive order credit notification is requested, use the Order Credit Notification response.