Order Notification

An Order Notification usually starts just after the shopper clicks the Submit button on the order confirmation page. Exceptions occur when: 

  • The order fails initial fraud screening
  • The order includes a delayed payment method (in this case, the notification is sent when the payment clears, not when the order is submitted)

After sending an Order Notification, you can take action on the order. Subsequent Order Notifications do not reflect these actions. These actions include:

  • Orders frauded out after initial screening
  • Chargebacks
  • Returns and refunds
  • Cancellations

For digital products, the Order Notification includes serial numbers associated with those orders unless the serial number was not immediately available for distribution (remote calls that failed or lists that were empty).

You can send Order Notifications as HTTP posts. You can use an Order Notification to unlock access to a service or provide remote customer service. This integration typically goes out within one minute of clicking the Submit button unless the HTTP endpoint does not respond.


The XML is located in the body of the HTTP request . It is in an attachment.

If you use an Order Notification to unlock or provide access to a service, consider using the Return Acknowledgment service to back it out when returns occur.

Order Notification

See Basic Concepts for more information.


On successful submission of an order, Global Commerce generates an Order Info and sends it to your endpoint.

Response Codes

The following table shows the possible responses to an Order Notification request sent via an HTTP transport (which is the most common transport scenario for an Order Notification):

Response Code Action
All is fine. No further action required.
Digital River will attempt a redirect.
Any Other
Digital River considers this an error and will retry one hour later. The number of retries is configurable. The default is 48.