DigitalRiver.js is a JavaScript library that you can leverage to interact with our core payment capabilities.

With DigitalRiver.js, you can create custom payment flows to power your commerce experiences. This library makes it easy to capture sensitive customer data in a PCI-compliant manner, which can then be returned to your service for seamless interaction with our Digital River API or Commerce API.

Use this library to:

  • Collect card details

  • Interact with our Payments API

Get familiar with DigitalRiver.js payment methods:

Payment Method


Credit Cards

A fast and secure shopping experience where the consumer can purchase goods or services on credit.

Direct Debit

Allow users to authorize transactions directly from their bank account, which is a popular international payment method.


Established in 2004, Alipay is China’s leader in third-party online payments and has an estimated 300 million users. Alipay is a delayed fulfillment payment method, meaning fulfillment occurs after authorization and settlement. It works much like PayPal, where the consumer chooses to make a payment and is directed to the external Alipay site, where they enter (or choose existing) payment information.

Apple Pay

A fast and secure shopping experience where the consumer can quickly and seamlessly checkout with their Apple Touch authentication without login details or credentials. Digital River will support Apple Pay as a payment method on the payment service and DigitalRiver.js. Apple Pay is currently available to consumers in 21 countries and currently is supported only on IOS devices (iPhones, Macs, and so on).


A wire transfer payment method used in Australia, where users can make payments online and over the phone for online purchases or utility bills. Fulfillment occurs after authorization and settlement. The customer provides either the transfer information to their bank or completes a payment using bPay.

Google Pay

Allow a merchant to request any credit or debit card stored in their customer’s Google account. This adds another layer of ease-of-purchase for consumers to quickly complete transactions from their Google Wallet. All currencies are available in supported countries.

Internet Bank Payment (IBP)

A Browser Redirect processing method, also sometimes called Online Banking, where customers authorize a debit from their bank account. IBP allows customers to use the online banking service provided by their bank.


Allow the consumer to purchase a product and then be billed for it afterward. Klarna offers the following payment options:

  • invoice–Allows a shopper who receives a Klarna bill to pay the balance after delivery.

  • slice it–Allows a partial payment at approval and the balance to be collected later at specific times at 0%.

  • pay in parts–Allows the shopper to finance the order at an interest-bearing installment plan.

There are unique display and entry requirements for each country.


DSK Konbini is used in Japan and requires a user to complete an order by making a payment at a store using a receipt number or a bank. Konbini is a set of small convenience stores from different brands like Seven Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson, etc. These stores are very popular in Japan because they are nearly on every corner, so everybody can pay for everything very quickly without the need to have a credit card or other electronic-enabled payment options. Konbini is a delayed fulfillment payment method, meaning fulfillment occurs after authorization and settlement.

Korea Bank – Transfer

Accept online bank transfers in Korea, a payment method that represents 20% of the local market share. Recurring payments are supported.


A payment service that facilitates payments between parties through online funds transfers. PayPal allows customers to establish an account on its website, which is connected to a user's credit card or checking account.

PayPal Billing Agreement

Consumers can use their PayPal account to make recurring subscription payments. Consumers have the option to choose to auto renew or manually renew.

PayPal Credit

Allow consumers to buy online and pay later for their products. This payment method is accepted in thousands of online stores and is available everywhere PayPal is accepted (as long as the PayPal Credit and PayPal accounts are linked). PayPal Credit uses the date of birth and last 4 digits of SSN to approve or deny a consumer for a line of credit, and the applicant will be notified within seconds whether they have been approved or not.

Wire Transfer

An offline payment method where a consumer goes to their bank to send the money. When using this payment method, a shopper must provide their bank with transfer information provided by the merchant to complete the payment. The transfer details consist of the account holder, bank name, city, country description, payment reference, bank account number, additional bank information, and the international bank account number (IBAN).

Getting started

Digital River helps you get up and running quickly. Follow the instructions in Quick Start to discover how easily you can integrate Digital River payment methods into your app or website.

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