Category Offers

Use the Category Offers API to get a category offer by offer ID.


Accept: application/json
Authorization: bearer Authorization: bearer your_access_token
User-Agent: Apache-HttpClient/4.1.1 (java 1.5)
					The request body should be empty.
					HTTP/1.1 200 OK
					{"categoryOffers": {
   "uri": "",
   "categoryOffer": [   {
      "uri": "",
      "id": category_offer_ID,
      "category":       {
         "uri": "",
         "id": category_offer_ID,
         "locale": "en_US",
         "name": "Fitness",
         "displayName": "Fitness",
         "shortDescription": null,
         "longDescription": null,
         "thumbnailImage": null,
         "products":          {
            "uri": "",
      "discount":       {
         "type": "percentOff",
         "value": "25%"

Response Body Parameters

Data Type
category collection default The category associated with the category offer. See the Categories API for more information.
category.displayName string default The name of the category. string default The category ID.
category.locale string default The locale associated with this category.
category.longDescription string default A detailed description of the product. string default The name of the category.
category.products link default A link to the Products API.
category.shortDescription string default A brief description of the category.
category.thumbnail uri default A URI to the thumbail image of the category.
categoryOffer collection default An offer for a specific category.
categoryOffers collection default A collection of category offers. See the Categories API for more information.
discount structured default The discount applied to the offer.
discount.type string default The type of discount (for example, percentOff).
discount.value string default The value of the discount (for example, 25%).