Shopper APIs

For a robust end-user experience, it is crucial to have a way to flatten the hierarchy that contains a list of resources that the current shopper can see. This is the role of the Individual APIs resource, that is also called "Me". "Me" is a container for read-only endpoints that return a filtered view of things that the current shopper is allowed to see (for example, the shopper's locale and associated currency). It also allows a shopper to update or change their own information. 

The "/me" in the URL represents the current shopper session and the calls that you—the developer—make on a shopper's behalf to allow the shopper to view and purchase products from an online store.

All calls made with “shoppers/me” work in the context of the current shopper as defined by your OAuth token. The Shopper APIs are shopper-aware and you can customize a shopping experience accordingly. Personalization is built-in to the foundation of the Shopper API. The Digital River Connect Shopper APIs operate on a store and products that are configured in Global Commerce. 

This section describes the following Shopper APIs: