Understand how to use the Discounts resource.

If you sell physical or digital products through Digital River, you can use the Checkouts and Orders endpoints to apply discounts, expressed as either an amount off or a percent off the cost of an order, the cost of shipping or the cost of a SKU item or SKU item shipping. For example, if you want to award your customer free shipping on their order, you can express this through the Checkouts endpoint like this:

curl \
-u sk_test_db9682a2-b04a-4e94-8e11-35fe8ec0b324: \
-d currency=usd \
-d email="" \
-d items[0][type]=sku \
-d items[0][skuId]=5823594809 \
-d items[0][price]=899 \
-d shippingDiscount[percentOff]=100
-d shippingChoice[amount]=5.95 \
-d shippingChoice[description]="USPS: Priority (1 day delivery)"
-d shipping[name]="John Smith" \
-d shipping[phone]="952-111-1111" \
-d shipping[email]="" \
-d shipping[address][line1]="10380 Bren Rd W" \
-d shipping[address][city]="Minnetonka" \
-d shipping[address][postalCode]="55129" \
-d shipping[address][state]="MN" \
-d shipping[address][country]="US"

A successful request returns the Checkout object:

Response example
"id": "5823594809",
"createdTime": "2018-04-25T20:36:00Z",
"currency": "USD",
"email": "",
"shipping": {
"address": {
"line1": "10380 Bren Rd W",
"city": "Minnetonka",
"postalCode": "55129",
"state": "MN",
"country": "US"
"name": "John Smith",
"phone": "952-111-1111",
"email": ""
"totalTax": 1.40,
"totalFees": 0,
"totalDuty": 0,
"totalDiscount": 5.95,
"totalShipping": 0,
"totalAmount": 19.98,
"items": [
"skuId": 5823594809,
"price": 899,
"amount": 899
"shippingChoice": {
"amount": 5.95,
"description": "USPS: Priority (1 day delivery)"
"state": "submitted",
"paymentSessionId": "ps_8cecaa32-f692-44cc-b103-4cf24dc93913",
"livemode": false